Re: Mc digest, Vol 1 #398 - 1 msg

Miguel de Icaza <miguel ximian com> a tapoté :


   When I delete a directory, the list of options are:

  "Yes, No, All, None, Abort"

  Notice that there are two hotkey conflicts: "No" and "None"
  and "All" and "Abort".

To me, there is no conflict:
        Yes : do delete this dir
        No : do not delete this dir
        All : delete all the dirs selected
        None : delete none of the dirs selected

The conflict is that the hotkeys repeat:

      All/Abort share the "A"
      No/None share the "N"
      Yes, is the only one which is not ambigious

You are perfectly right. I was tired and I do not know why but I
completely missed the "hotkey" word in your message.


Mathieu Roy
  Not a native english speaker:

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