Re: Configuration suggestions for MC on OS X?


Thanks everyone for your help in getting this to compile.

You are welcome.  The workaround has been committed.  Thank you for

I'm setting up the keys and getting as i used to use them.

Can anyone give me some configurations tips for MC for OS X.

Sorry, I have never used it, so maybe others will suggest something.

e.g. PageUp & PageDown and some other keys don't want to be bound. How
can i do that? Anyone already done that?

Please explain in details what you do, what you get and what you expect to
get.  The "Learn Keys" dialog is somewhat confusing.  Make sure to read
the manual or the help about it.

Also, the screen scrolls kind of stiffly and some of the characters
don't seem to redraw properly, should i configure something differently?

I think it's either bugs or incorrect expectation from your part.  I don't
think there are configuration options to fix it.  You can try "mc -t" to
use termcap instead of terminfo.

Pavel Roskin

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