Re: Failing make install


there are lot of configuration, installation, etc. confuses which belong
to the use of shared glib.  Is it possible to create a way, when user
just need to define path to libglib.a and don't worry about glib any
more? I believe it will be big improvement in the installation

It's now possible to use --with-glib-static to force using of static glib.
It wasn't easy to write it, and I'm not sure if it's really portable, but
it works for me.

The problem with man2hlp is actually a bug in the glib installation.
When glib is installed to a directory that is not normally scanned for
libraries, the link flags should include the runtime path to the library.
Since the link flags are provided by glib through glib-config or
pkgconfig, the problem is in glib.

Pavel Roskin

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