Re: increasing mcedit's filesize limit


I use mc so much, that it got annoying when I had to switch to vi or
joe, to edit big files. I don't know what the exact limit was, but I am
using the following method to increase the limit to close to 100 meg.

The internal editor in the Midnight Commander loads the whole file in
memory.  There is a limit to prevent using too much memory on large files.
If you want to edit such files, you should use editors designed for that
task.  If those editors are "annoying", it's not the fault of GNU Midnight

Pavel, would you see if this is a bad approach? It's been working fine
for me, but you never know. I'm just a beginner at C.

It may be a bad approach, but mc is not meant to be a monster project that
can do everything.

Pavel Roskin

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