Re: wyse terminal help

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Doug Minett wrote:

follow-up problem report using new RH 7.x binary rpm for mc 4.6.0:

mc -V reports the new version number (4.6.0) and (among other things):

Using system-installed S-lang library with terminfo database

the problems reported earlier persist: the display goes crazy and the
terminal usually hangs.

wyse terminal: wy60 emulation, 38400, software flow control, auto
scrolling (tried off and on), auto wrap (tried off and on), 24 lines

I'm not sure whether you are using the wy60 emulator
(ttp:// or the real hardware.

Anyway, please check if you have the COLORTERM environment variable set.
It forces ANSI colors sequences regardless of capabilities of the
terminal.  The "-b" option may be helpful too.

If you have problems with keys, use the "Learn Keys" dialog as described
in the manual.

Pavel Roskin

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