wyse terminal help


i've read through the FAQ's on the mc site and tried to apply those
suggestions to get mc to work correctly on a wyse 60 (wy60ak alternate
function key load emulation - eventually the plan). the screen does not
paint properly and spurious input to mc seems to take place when it fires
up. the terminal works fine in other applications which use function/edit
keys and line drawing.

i have tried starting mc with the -t -s and -a flags (in various

mc -V reports:

using system-installed S-lang library with termcap database

the environment is as follows:

TERMCAP=/etc/termcap (default RH7.3 distribution)
(emulation on the wyse terminal is wyse 60 running at 38400)

i also had no luck setting emulation to vt100 and TERM=vt100 

any suggestions for help in this ancient serial world would be


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