Re: Double paths in MC's command line widget

Pavel Roskin's pointer to PS1 helpt solve my problem.

First, Ik really should have given more info on my system. I'm using KDE
3.1 on SuSE Linux 8.2. The problem I described occurred in KDE's konsole
(I believe in other X-based consoles as well).

SuSE's /etc/bash.bashrc creates a PS1 with the value:
PS1="\[\e]2;\u \h:\$(ppwd)\007\e]1;\h\007\]\u:\w${_p} "
Somehow, the shell imployed by mc to process this string was choking on
it. If I ran mc in a normal console (not X-based), the prompt would be ok.

The solution to my problem was to create the file ~/.mc/bashrc, and in
that file set PS1 to something sensible, like
PS1="\u \h:\w> "

Pavel, thanks again for the help


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