Re: Remote files and directories are duplicated in FTP Link view

Richard Hill wrote:

Has anyone else seen these symptoms?
When I choose "FTP Link" to open an ftpfs view of an ftp server, each file and directory on the server show up exactly twice in the view pane. If I delete a remote file, both entries disappear when the listing is next refreshed. Using just command-line ftp is OK (i.e. the directory listings appear correctly).

Yes, I saw such problem some years ago.

This was a precompiled binary that I got with RH 8.0.

The welcome message I get from the FTP server I'm using is:
'220 pweb FTP server (Bell Nexxia FTP Server [3] Mon Aug 30 13:45:56 EDT 1999) ready.'

Can you provide ftplog file. Try to start mc -l mc.ftplog and send us mc.ftplog file.

Andrew V. Samoilov

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