Re: abbreviation for kilobyte


the correct abbreviation for kilobyte is `kB', not `Kb'!  As a
consequence, in the panels you should show e.g. `12345k' instead of

mc is using binary kilobytes, which have 1024 bytes.  I don't have time to
search for standards, but quick search on Google shows that binary
kilobytes are written as KB or KiB:

So the "K" part is correct.  As for the "b" part, it's wrong.  Bytes are
abbreviated as "B".  I checked all references to size_trunc(), and I see
that the "b" is redundant, since the result is already followed by

Another formatting bug: I see e.g. `1,234,567Kb bytes in 8 files'
which should be `1,234,567k bytes in 8 files'.

No, it should be "K".

By the way, this sentence is very hard to translate properly.  ngettext()
works fine with one number, but when we have two numbers it becomes

What about introducing gigabyte (correctly abbreviated to `GB')?

All that can be added when somebody with clean hands and enough time
rewrites all that mess.

Pavel Roskin

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