Re: Invoking Qt-embedded apps from mc


Next time please mention version of mc and your OS, as well as the
terminal name.

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, hugo vanwoerkom wrote:

I get these errors when I start a Qt-Embedded
application from mc:
: error setting keyboard mode
: Invalid argument
Are these mc messages? I cannot find them in Qt.

I cannot find "setting keyboard mode" in mc-4.6.0.

Qt reads directly from /dev/tty and indeed the keyboard "works" when I
invoke a Qt app directly but not when I do it through mc. Obviously I
would much prefer to use mc. BTW Qt-embedded is ideal because now you
don't need X anymore.

I think you need to use "mc -u" so that the applications would be run in
the original terminal, not in the pseudoterminal created for the subshell.
The downside is that you won't have a subshell.

Pavel Roskin

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