Re: Problem after running MC su'd as root


Just got done checking the FAQ, and the archives for the last 12 months
on both the MC users and devel lists, (I couldn't find anything on
Bugzilla, either) and as I found nothing like what I'm about to enquire
about, I am now posting my problem here.

Actually, I remember somebody reporting this problem and I even remember
that tried to fix it.

The problem is, my fix was incorrect.  quiet_quit_cmd() requires the
dialog code to be called, and this doesn't happen if mc is waiting for the
key.  I've committed a patch that makes mc exit immediately if end-of-line
is detected on the input.

  I can verify this on my system, as I've ran into it many times before
  myself.  This bug is reproducible on, and has been brought to my
  attention many time on the Gentoo distro.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  I'm glad I could fix this
serious bug before the release.

Pavel Roskin

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