Problem after running MC su'd as root

Hello, Everyone :)
Just got done checking the FAQ, and the archives for the last 12 months
on both the MC users and devel lists, (I couldn't find anything on
Bugzilla, either) and as I found nothing like what I'm about to enquire
about, I am now posting my problem here.

First of all, this problem occurs when I su or su - into root from my
user account.
After I su into root and run "mc" from an xterm, everything appears
normal until I close Midnight Commander.  After I close it, the process
remains running, and the cpu usage stays topped out at 100%.  After I
kill the process, the cpu percentage immediately drops to a normal
condition.  The way I discovered this was I was looking for possible
reasons why my system was running unusually slow.  I then discovered
that mc was running, even though I had closed the window already.

Right now, KPM says the following next to the pid for mc (Which I have
just closed out):
System %    54.31 
User %      19.90
and my cpu is running at 100%.  I will now proceed to kill mc - the
result being, the cpu % dropped to a range between 17-60%  I also just
discovered, that if I leave Midnight Commander running, and check the
System % and User % in KPM, they remain at 0.  I'm not very knowlegeable
about such things, but that seems odd, that a process would take almost
no cpu resources when I know it's running, but would take up more cpu
time when I have just closed it out.  In case you're wondering what I
mean by "closing" Midnight Commander, I mean that I chose session |
close session from Konsole (which is the terminal I use)

I just learned something new: when I try the steps described above using
xterm or gnome-terminal, Midnight Commander closes exactly as it should.
So this appears to be a KDE Konsole issue.

I am running Red Hat 8 with all the official updates installed.  My
version of KDE is the version that comes by installing the official Red
Hat 8 update.  Concerning my window manager, /etc/sysconfig/desktop
(which I edited myself) says the following: 
And I almost forgot :): The version of Midnight Commander I am using is

In closing, I realize this might be a simple issue to fix, but it
mystifies me :)  If you need any further information, let me know and
I'll tell you what you need to know :)

Thanks in advance for your help :)
Steven P. Ulrick

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