4.6.1-pre1 pre-release


I have released version 4.6.1-pre1.  Please test it.  It will become 4.6.1
with minimal changes.

News after version 4.6.0:

Add --with-glib12 option to configure to force using glib 1.2.x.
Add --disable-background option to disable background support.
Background support now uses pipes instead of UNIX sockets.
libX11 is loaded dynamically using gmodule if possible.
Screen saving is now supported on FreeBSD console.
Support for SCO UNIX has been removed.
User is warned if one mc is run from another.
VFS supports iso9660 images.

I'll be away until January 11.  Bug reports and patches are still welcome.
Please help each other, don't ignore questions in mailing lists.

Savannah is working now.  Project members, please update your passwords
and upload ssh2 keys.

Pavel Roskin

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