Re: function keys

On Fri, 12 Dec 2003, Robert Poorman wrote:

In May of last year Pavel Roskin wrote in answer to a question
concerning function keys: "There is no generic way to redefine keys.
However, you can add items to the menu and specify the shortcut key of
your choise."

You didn't give a link.  I suppose you took my words out of context (and
misspelled "choice").  The message you quoted is archived here:

Is there any way to get to MC's internal functions? What I would like to
do is (via the menu) use a function key to change the Left and Right
listing mode, one function key for Left-full, one for Left-brief etc.

No, the internal functions are not meant to be called from the menu.  The
function you need is set_basic_panel_listing_to(), which is static and not
accessible outside src/cmd.c.

What are MC's future plans concerning the function keys? That is are
there any plans to allow the user to redefine the function keys in some
future release?

I don't understand if you are still talking about the user menu or about
the keys in general.  Either way, this is not in the TODO list.

Pavel Roskin

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