Re: shift-cursor & splitvt


i'm currently trying to add support for shift-cursor w/ splitvt(1).
the idea: let the splitvt send special escape sequence when an
non-aphanum key is pressed with shift hold down.
the mc then has to interpret this one right.

could this work this way ?

Yes, but mc needs a way to recognize the key.  Currently there are some
shifted sequences hardcoded for xterm, but there is no support for loading
shifted sequences from the configuration file.  It is planned, but not

If you decide to emulate xterm in splitvt, then it would work already with
mc-4.6.0.  But regardless of terminal what you decide to emulate, I
suggest that you follow the xterm specification for the keys that are not
currently supported.  The specification can be found here:

It's better not to introduce new incompatibilities, especially for the
keys not covered by terminfo (such as Shift-arrows) because there is no
way for applications to know the escape sequences for them.

Pavel Roskin

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