Re: FTP Link


Thought I was on the mailing list: I am getting all messages about mc.

I meant that if the version and the operation system are not specified, it
can hardly be called a bugreport.

I actually thought that you were using some OS with non-standard socket
library, where there is a separate call to close sockets.  I saw a similar 
problem on BeOS.

I am on Debian Sid and they are still at 4.5.55 I hesitate to jump the
gun and do my own installs, I end up with problems usually. I'll have to
install an FTP client, but I'd prefer to do it with MC. Thanks. Regards.

You could use "mc -l ftplog" command to create a log of the FTP commands.  
Them compess the log (bzip2 is preferred) and send it to the list.  The
FTP code didn't change much since 4.5.55, so your findings may still be

Maybe the server doesn't send "226 Transfer complete."?  Can you test some 
other servers?  Can you reproduce the problem on some publicly available 

Pavel Roskin

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