Re: proposed patch: hotkeys in hotlist

While we are at it, here's one more major reason to implement ASAP
keymap configuration via config files: with the current support for
terminals, many keys simply do not work. For example, on my Konsole,
shift-arrows and ctrl-pgdn in the editor do not work at all. Now the
only way to work around this is to hack the keymap in the source (to
bind these functions to some other keys that work) and recompile.
Needless to say, there must be a more convenient way to do this.

That's the second request (the first was sent to me in private).  I'm
moving this item in TODO list to "before 4.6.0-pre2".  I don't like doing
so many changes in prereleases, but this change seems rather simple.

Pavel Roskin

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