Re: proposed patch: hotkeys in hotlist

Except that you would not be able to use keys that are missing in the 
label, functional keys in particular.

Yes, and besides, does not use "&" also, it stores hotkeys in a separate field. So consistency 
dictates using the same approach in the hotlist - these two constructs are similar in many respects.

However, my patch cannot handle functional keys, only "printable" keys. I don't know how to handle other 
keys. Given that mc has no subsystem for reading keymaps from configuration files, I think there's nothing in 
current mc where I could borrow such code from. Suggestions are welcome, of course.

While we are at it, here's one more major reason to implement ASAP keymap configuration via config files: 
with the current support for terminals, many keys simply do not work. For example, on my Konsole, 
shift-arrows and ctrl-pgdn in the editor do not work at all. Now the only way to work around this is to hack 
the keymap in the source (to bind these functions to some other keys that work) and recompile. Needless to 
say, there must be a more convenient way to do this.

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