Re: Norton Commander?

Björn Eriksson wrote:

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 10:09:42PM +0000, Daniel Hedblom wrote:
Why arent there any references to Norton Commander, the application that Midnight Commander stems from? I use MC because i have used NC since its first version on DOS long ago. I think it would be fair to atleast reference Nortons application since that in its time was groundbreaking. When i found MC in linux i akmost jumped of joy since i could do everything without any hassle whatsoever since MC is almost identical to NC.

Here's a cut from the first page of README:


  GNU Midnight Commander was conceived as a free clone of John Socha's
  Norton Commander (TM).  It also takes the best from more recent software
  with similar interfaces.  GNU Midnight Commander comes with mouse support
  on xterm and optionally on the Linux console.

Ohh, that i missed, big ooops! I just reacted to what i saw as an attempt to take credit for someone elses idea wich is a thing i hate no matter where it come from. Now i see that that clearly was not the case so ill just shut up now. MC rocks no matter what. It should be a base tool in all the dists because anyone can use its editor. Boy is it hard to learn vi on the fly.


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