Re: Norton Commander?

Daniel Hedblom <hedblom djupo com> a tapoté :

Why arent there any references to Norton Commander, the application
that Midnight Commander stems from? I use MC because i have used NC
since its first version on DOS long ago. I think it would be fair to
atleast reference Nortons application since that in its time was
groundbreaking. When i found MC in linux i akmost jumped of joy since
i could do everything without any hassle whatsoever since MC is almost
identical to NC.

Unfortunately, Norton company makes proprietary, not free software. If
nc was free, no mc would probably ever exists.

The GNU project avoid as possible to incitate people to use
proprietary software, and adding references to a company that makes
lot of proprietary software can be taken as such an incitation. 

And mc is GNU mc.



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