Re: Trouble building CVS on Red Hat 8.0


/usr/bin/msgfmt: es.po: headerfield `Content-Transfer-Encoding' missing
in header

Next time when reporting unusual error messages, please check if those
messages are true or not.  In many cases (although not in this one) that's
the first obvious question that will be asked.

When I updated it in Cervisia, it said that the "es.po" and "es_ES.po"
file had a "conflict"

That explains everything.

Unlike most other files, the *.po files are updated automatically when you
compile the project.  In other words, those files are changed locally, so
CVS tries to merge "your" changes with the changes in the repository.

I really don't like this "feature" of gettext.  I'll report this problem
to the gettext maintainers.

To prevent such problems in the future (until better gettext is released),
revert all local changes in the po files before doing an update.

If you don't know how to revert files in Cervisia, read the documentation.
If it's unclear, contact the developers of Cervisia.

Pavel Roskin

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