RE: midnight bug - feature request


Additionally I'm not familiar in developing and 
distributing programs 
under Linux, so the downloadable version (the zip file) is all the 
files I got after a "make clean" command. Makefiles are 
still exists. 
I think I should remove the

There is magic target "dist" for make in mc's Makefiles.  But make 
distcheck is ever better :-)

Thanks a lot! :) It works... ;)

The distro package it created can be downloaded from
all and some other files, too, but I don't want to do it 
and don't know the way to do it automagically.

Making patches is not too hard after reading man diff.  Unified diffs 
are more welcomed among mc developers (diff -u).  Pavel Roskin 

Patches in unified diff format:

distribute usefull shell script called ldiff for making 
patches. You need to backup files with some extention (say 
orig) before you 
change these ones, and after hacking you just need to run
ldiff .orig > patchname.patch
from mc source directory.  There are should not be symlinks in the 
source tree because find -path ignores symlinked directories.

Sounds good. I'll do it this way next time. Where can I get ldiff?
Can you help me to find a program that can do patching using the patch


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