Re: feature question


TERM is xterm, but it also works when TERM is vt100, vt220, etc.

Of course, it works as long as you have X11 support and can connect to the
X server.

On ssh'ing to another computer without X-forwarding, Ctrl-j indeed doesn't 
give the expected result, so it seems you are right.

I think it's transmitted as '\n' (newline) over ssh.

Hmm, its a nice side effect (I didn't know about it, but someone who had 
formerly used the Norton Commander, pressed this combination and it gave the 
result he expected). 

Escape Enter should work on every terminal.

Can you give me a hint which source-files are responsible for keyboard short 
cuts, so that I could  make it work without X-support (of course, only if I 
have time and this is currently very limited).

Some shortcuts are for panels, and can be found in panel_keymap
(src/screen.c).  Some are for the whole mc, and they are in default_map 
and ctl_x_map (both in src/main.c).  Procedures to read the keys are in 

I think the fundamental problem is that you cannot distinguish between 
Ctrl-J and Enter if you cannot read the keyboard modifiers.

Pavel Roskin

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