Re: feature question

Hello, Bernd!

using my self-compiled mv-4.5.55, I can press 'ctrl-j' and the file-name that 
is currently highlighted is pasted to the the command-line. Well every other, 
also self-compiled newer versions doesn't seem to have this feature.

So, how can I convince mc to have it, or how can I enable it at compile-time.

Every time you report anything related to the keyboard and screen output,
please give some details about the terminal and the value of the TERM
environment variable.  Also, the output of "mc -V" would be more useful
than just the version, since it mentions the features of the build, and
could possibly have answered your question already.

Now I'm wildly guessing that your terminal is xterm (or some other
terminal for X11) and Ctrl-j works as you describe it when mc is compiled 
with support for X11 events (option --with-tm-x-support for configure).

Note that such behavior is not documented - it's a side effect rather than 
the expected result.

Pavel Roskin

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