Re: Shadow password restored

hi Pavel!

I have restored shadow password in mcserv.

thank you very much. :-)

It's probably the most perversive patch I have ever seen!
Next time please add comments to your patches.  I wasted a lot of time
today.  Of course, it's my guilt too - for trusting my eyes too much :-)

sorry - i'm still learning... ;-)
and sorry for the waste of time i caused.

Of course, the possibility remains that you were very lucky to fix mcserv
without understanding the code.

i sure was lucky - never claimed to understand mcserv. :-)

btw: is there a 'current' tarball to fetch sumewhere, or should i try 
to get acquainted with this strange 'cvs' animal?

phone  +41 61 463 02 25
fax    +41 61 463 02 28
gsm    +41 79 522 50 09
email  christian laubscher tiscalinet ch

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