Sorry for the noise (Re: unsubscribe)


On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, franck FRESNEL wrote:

Good morning,

I want unsubscribe. thanks.

I'm sorry that this message went to the mailing list.  The regex in
Mailman was wrong (my error).  It's fixed now.  Messages with
"unsubscribe" in the subject will now be held for approval (hopefully).

-----Message d'origine-----

Unfortunately, even the development version of Mailman doesn't check the
body, so catching outlook style "wholesale quoting" is not feasible.  It
doesn't mean that it's not an annoyance.

I have committed an even more rigorous check, but I'm still puzzled about
your error.

Just imagine, you commit a more rigorous check to the source, and get
"unsubscribe" in reply.  What an encouragement!

Pavel Roskin

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