Re: Software platform for mc development.


I am wanting to move from RedHat to another distro, and since I regard 
mc as an essential component of all future installations, I'd certainly 
consider moving to whatever the development team is using.

Can anyone advise the distro and version being used for current 
mc development?

I don't see any logic here.  I believe you are making too many assumptions
without admitting it.  Let me see which assumptions you are making.

1) Are you assuming that all the developers of mc use the same platform?

2) Are you assuming that mc works significantly worse on the platforms
that the developers don't use for development?

3) Are you assuming that mc is not tested on any platform that is not used
for its development?

4) Are you assuming that the mc developers are using the platform on which
mc works best?

5) Are you assuming that you won't be able to participate in the
development if you have a platform different from the one used by the

6) Are you assuming that your bug reports won't be taken seriously if you
have a platform different from the one used by the developers?

I hope that you will answer "no" at least to the questions 3 and 6.  
Otherwise I would say that your opinion of the mc developers is very low.

I cannot answer for others, but I'm one of the developers, and I use Red
Hat Linux 8.0 for the development.  This is probably the only major
GNU/Linux distribution where mc doesn't work well out-of-box because of
the Red Hat's attempt to use UTF-8 on the console and in terminals under X
Window System.

Pavel Roskin

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