Fixes to the manual page

Hi, Peter!

Since you volunteered to help with the documentation, here's something 
where you can help.  The manual page of mc has a lot of grammatical errors 
and is poorly phrased in many places.  I was fixing the documentation 
about ftpfs today, and I was constantly obstructed by the need to fix 
things like this:

 The Tar file system is quite clever about how it handles
 tar files: it just loads the directory entries and when it
 needs to use the information contained in the tar file, it
 goes and grab it.

Another one:

 Double-clicking on a file will try to execute the command if it is
 an executable program;

"double-clicking" cannot "try" anything.  Could you please fix such 

There are also places where defects in the user interface are covered by
the excessive description of workarounds.  That's a separate problem and
cannot be fixed as easily.

Pavel Roskin

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