mc and tar files

   I'm running Midnight Commander version 4.5.55. I have one problem with
mc and tar files. I have saved files using a command 'tar uvf tarfile.tar
*.tex'. All is okay if there is only one version of any file saved into
the tar file. If there are several versions, mc shows only the first one
several times (equal to the number of updated versions) and does not show
the latest ones. I compiled and tried also mc-4.5.99a, but it didn't solve
the problem.

   I try to give one example. The command 'tar tvf tarfile.tar' yields:

-rw-r--r-- user/user 3830 2001-12-05 22:54:28 file1.tex
-rw-r--r-- user/user 1396 2001-12-05 22:55:55 file2.tex
-rw-r--r-- user/user 3128 2002-04-17 20:59:42 file3.tex
-rw-r--r-- user/user 2733 2002-05-23 13:18:46 file4.tex
-rw-r--r-- user/user 3135 2002-05-23 18:43:32 file3.tex

Note the updated file3.tex. Now, if I open the tar file with mc, I see:
file1.tex  3830 Dec 5 22:54
file2.tex  1396 Dec 5 22:55
file3.tex  3128 Apr 17 20:59
file3.tex  3128 Apr 17 20:59
file4.tex  2733 May 23 13:18

Only the first version of file3.tex is shown two times and I can't view
or extract the latest version. What might be the reason for this?

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