Re: Problems loading on large filesystems

Hi, Scott!

 I'm working on getting linux set up for a large number of students at my
university. We're running Redhat 7.1 with Midnight Commander 4.5.51.

Please try version 4.5.55.  4.5.51 is very old.

By the way, are you talking about gmc (MC for GNOME, which is a GUI file
manager) or about text version of MC?  If it's gmc, it's obsolete.  You
might want to try some other file manager for GNOME.  There are plenty of
them, just search the web.

If you are talking about the text edition, I remember applying a patch to
speed up reloading directories using a hash table, but it was done after
releasing version 4.5.55.  You could try the current snapshot if that's
the case - it's as stable as 4.5.55.

Pavel Roskin

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