Re: Making the "Panel" Background White?

Hi, Randy!

How do I make the background of the panels white?

I think you cannot do it.  You can make it lightgray.  Some systems don't
support bright colors for backgrounds, therefore bright colors are
replaced with their non-bright counterparts.

It is possible to use bright backgrounds on many terminals, but I don't 
think you can do it with MC without changing its code.  If you make a 
patch I'll consider it.

I try to set the colors, using, for example,
xterm=normal=black,white:... in my ~/.mc/ini file, and it definitely
affects the colors, but the best I can do is get a gray panel (black
text on gray).  There are some other color oddities too -- when I
specify yellow as the background for "directory" it shows up as red (as
does red).

Either your terminal is misconfigured (brown and red too similar) or you
have problems with color vision.  Run this:

mc -C directory=red,yellow

Do you see the text or you have red on red?  What terminal aree you using?

Pavel Roskin

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