Re: sftp support in MC


On Sun, 28 Jul 2002, Artem S. Tashkinov wrote:

Will MC ever support sftp protocol at least over existing ssh/scp commands?

MC doesn't use scp.  I don't know how you imagine reusing the existing ssh
connection.  sftp is a separate protocol, and the client part is
implemented in the "sftp" program.  Whether MC needs to communicate using
sftp protocol, it should either implement the client part of the sftp
protocol itself (like it implements ftp) or it should use the "sftp"
program, like it does with "ssh".

Neither is trivial, and neither can be done easier by tunnelling the
connection to the remote host.  Whether the connection is tunnelled or
not, MC should still know how to handle sftp utility or sftp protocol.

More about sftp protocol:

Currently even support for ftp (ftpfs) and ssh (fish) is rather poor.  
ftpfs has problems with servers that don't start in the root directory. 
fish doesn't handle permission errors on the remote site.

Fixing what is supposed to work is a higher priority for me.  I cannot put
together a half-broken implementation of sftp and wait that somebody will
fix it.  It didn't happen with ftp and ssh, why would it happen with sftp?

If you can implement sftp support correctly, then I'll apply your patch.

Pavel Roskin

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