Re: 2 questions


1. My cons.saver is owned by root:

/usr/local/lib/mc/bin $ ls -l
total 48
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root        40565 Jul 20 00:31 cons.saver*

but I still get no option for shorter panels in Options/Layout. What may be wrong?

It should be suid root.  Use "chmod +s" to make cons.saver suid root.

2. Is there any way to copy/paste from mc to the X clipboard?

No.  Support for X libraries is limited to reading keyboard modifiers
(Shift, Alt, Ctrl), and even that is disabled by default, because if mc is
linked against shared libX11, in won't work without libX11, which may be
an unreasonable requirement for some users.

Maybe future versions will load X libraries dynamically, only when DISPLAY
is set - then is will be easier to enable X11 support by default and 
include more stuff.

In case you don't know (sorry if you do), you can read mc FAQ, question
3.2.  But that's not really an interaction between mc and X - the text is
tranferred between terminal and X clipboard, and mc is just ignored.

Pavel Roskin

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