2 questions

1. My cons.saver is owned by root:

/usr/local/lib/mc/bin $ ls -l
total 48
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root        40565 Jul 20 00:31 cons.saver*

but I still get no option for shorter panels in Options/Layout. What may be wrong?

2. Is there any way to copy/paste from mc to the X clipboard? In particular I want to be able:

- to copy/paste selection from the mc editor and viewer

- to copy/paste the current command line 

- to copy the full pathname of the currently selected file

I found no keys for this in Help, am I missing something? 

If it's not possible in mc, maybe there is a command line utility that could be used for this, for example by 
hooking it up to mc in some way?
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