Re: FEATURE: Ignore all in the "cannot change file permissions error"


First at all, excuse me if this is the wrong place for asking for a
midnight's commander feature (and for my bad english).

It's the right place.

I use MC mainly for copying files, and use to copy a lot between EXT2
and VFAT. The problem is, as you know, that VFAT cannot save all the
file's info on groups/permissions, so MC keeps on saying "Hey, I cannot
change the target's file permissions" on _EVERY_ file I copy on the VFAT
partition's...  just think of copying a thousand files from EXT2 and
VFAT and having to press enter to ignore on each!!!

Next time please describe how to reproduce the problem step by step and
don't try to rephrase the messages - it's harder to find them in the
sources.  I thing this document will be useful for you:

So I think it would be _VERY_ nice to add an option "Ignore all" to the 
"Ignore, Retry, Abort" ones in that error box.

I use Version: 4.5.55-1.2 (cut & paste from the apt-cache show !!! :D  )

I could not find the word "Ignore" in the sources of mc-4.5.55.

Pavel Roskin

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