Which directory from the commandline appears in which Panel ?

Hello everybody !

When I invoke mc like this:

   mc x y

where x and y are names of directories respectively, directory x does not
necessarily appear in the left directory panel as I would expect.

So my question: Is it possible to force mc to display its first argument in
the left and its second argument within the right panel ?
If this is not possible: What are the rools for diplaying the directories
named on the commandline either in the left or the right panel ?

I have tried to figure this out by looking at the sources, but wasn't able
to understand what really happens within handle_args() ...

regards, Marc-Oliver Ihm

P.s.:I am using mv 4.5.55 under HPUX 11.0

P.p.s.: I have renamed the executable from mc to gmc, because there is
already some program named mc (related with tape drives) under HPUX ...

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