Re: Tcl syntax highlighting

Hi, Francis!

I believe you misspelled the address of the list, so I'm fixing it.

On 12 Jul 2002, Francis Kwok wrote:

How do I enable syntax highlighting?  I looked all over the help and I
can't seem to find it!

Please give more details.  What version are you using?  Is it compiled
with s-lang or ncurses?  "mc -V" will tell you that.  Is the problem with
Tcl only or with other files?  Maybe MC is running in black and white

To enable "Syntax Highlighting" in general, you should select in the 
editor menu Options->General and check the checkbox.

To enable syntax highligting for the given file type, you should add a 
rule to the Syntax file.  For Tcl, the use is:

file ..\*\\.(tcl|TCL)$ Tcl\sProgram
include tcl.syntax

Syntax hightligthing won't work if:

1) MC is compiled with ncurses
2) MC is running in black and white mode
3) Syntax hightligthing is disabled in the editor menu
4) Current file doesn't match any rule in the Syntax file (it's 
~/.cedit/Syntax for mc-4.5.55 and older, ~/.mc/cedit/Syntax for current 

Pavel Roskin

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