Re: Suggestions for features of Midnight Commander

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 04:25:04PM -0200, Paulo José Martins Tavares wrote:
After being a user of Norton Commander for years, I recently tried a
port of MC 4.1.36 for WinDOS, and I'm very pleased with it. Long
filename support and the directory hotlist were great improvements,
besides others. Congratulations to the developers.

I bet you're all very busy, but I'd like to suggest an additional
improvement, a feature that I always thought was missing in good old NC,
and that I never found anywhere else(*): directory comparison that it
will recurse into subdirectories.
<snip description of nc's sync directories feature>

 Use 'eXternal panelize' on the two directories, use 'Other command' and
enter 'find .' (or something), voila'

//Björnen. bjorn bjornen nu | mdeans algonet se | bjorn pobox com

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