Suggestions for features of Midnight Commander

After being a user of Norton Commander for years, I recently tried a
port of MC 4.1.36 for WinDOS, and I'm very pleased with it. Long
filename support and the directory hotlist were great improvements,
besides others. Congratulations to the developers.

I bet you're all very busy, but I'd like to suggest an additional
improvement, a feature that I always thought was missing in good old NC,
and that I never found anywhere else(*): directory comparison that it
will recurse into subdirectories.

Here's how I imagine it might work, from the user's point of view:
1. You would press F9-C-C, and activate a "Recurse subdirectories"
option in the "Compare directories" dialog window
2. After the comparison, subdirectories in both panels would be
color-coded to indicate if any or all of its files had been selected
3. You could browse the subdirectories to check which files had been
selected and eventually select/deselect a few files, manually.
4. You would use delete or copy, as necessary, to synchronize the two
directory trees. The commands would apply to all selected files in the
respective directory trees. Destination directories would be
automatically created, if needed.

(*) Okay, I know about "diff -r <dir1> <dir2>", and I've used it with a
port of GNU tools to WinDOS, but that's not interactive. And it can't
work with patch to synch the two directory trees, although that's in the
"To Do" list of GNU diff and/or patch.

Best Regards,

    Paulo Tavares (

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