Re: Gnome version

Hi, Dexter!

I'd like to use the Gnome version of MC. Now the docs to 4.55.5 say
gnome support has been removed.

There is no version 4.55.5.  If you mean version 4.5.55, it has GNOME 
support.  Please show me the document that says otherwise.

Still I want it (because I think Nautilus is one of the biggest piles of
crap one can encounter and I'm not alone BTW) but don't know up to which
version gnome is supported. If anyone knows, please tell me.

GNOME 1.2 and GNOME 1.4 should be fine.  Not sure about the forthcoming
GNOME 2.0.  Try and report the problems!

Or, if someone knows a good, fast, dragndrop and desktop links and MIME
supporting desktop/file manager for Gnome 1.4 I'd like to hear about
that, too. I've tried ROX filer but don't like it too much.

Go to and look for GNOME file managers:

How about "File Manager", Sarah, hfm, "Endeavour Mark II" and whatever
else you can find there?  Many of those file managers have been designed
for GNOME, unlike MC, which was hacked for GNOME.

I haven't tried them.  Try them all or wait for somebody else to reply.

In fact, I'd like something like M$ Explorer (please don't LART me) -
for it's functionality, not for the environment or stability...

Try this:

Pavel Roskin

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