Re: re: mc dav dev

Hi, Roman!

    While Pavel *does* mention it, I'd like to strees the availability
    of smbfs, which is a kernel-side, open-source implementation of what
    you're probably (I don't follow this list too closely, and do
    wholesale deletes from time to time) looking for:

My understanding is that Marc wanted to write a webdav client useful on 
many OSes, not just on FreeBSD, so this is not a good example.

It would be nice to develop a framework that would allow the same code to
be used either as a user-space filesystem for the kernel (like Sharity
Light) or as anapplication-level VFS, like GNOME VFS.  Perhaps GNOME VFS
could provide kernel interface at some point.

I believe that all serious VFS development should be done in GNOME VFS.  
When it matures, MC could switch to using it.

I would like to avoid duplication of efforts.  If you are interested in 
VFS development, help GNOME VFS.  I'm open to fixes for MC VFS, but let's 
not spend too many efforts on a filesystem designed for one application.

Pavel Roskin

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