Re: re: mc dav dev

Hi, Marc!

Thank you for answering fast. Considerating what you said about VFS,
I've look fearther into it, and its capacibilities are wanderful(!). It
gave me ideas for an other project i'm working on, with friends. I
understand that there is several VFS, with no direct relation : one for
Gnome, one for MC and one for the Linux kernel. I'm not conseridering
Linux VFS as an interesting issue, as it won't work directly on all
Unices (especially on my FreeBSD)

You are not doing your homework again :-)

Sharity Light ( is a
filesystem implemented in userspace, yet it allows you to mount SMB shares
on NextStep, Openstep/Mach, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, BSDI, Solaris, HP-UX
and IRIX (according to the homepage).

Of course if you make a kernel-space filesystem, them you have more things
to worry about, and you probably have little chance to use it on closed
source systems.  But I didn't check it, so I'm not saying "it won't work"
unlike you.

As for MC VFS and GNOME VFS, they are related.  GNOME VFS is a clean 
rewrite of MC VFS.

If you want to take a look here is what I found : 

I was pleased to see in this document that GNOME VFS uses glib lists.

PS: I really find Nautilus heavy, anyway...

So what?  You mean that Nautilus will be the only user of GNOME VFS?  
What if instead of writing another webdav client you make MC work with

Pavel Roskin

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