Re: mc dav dev

Hi, Marc!

I intend to create a gtk+ webdav client.

Good intention, but please check for already existing
projects.  Maybe it's better to improve an already existing project, even
if it uses some other toolkit?  Just a thought.

But i would like to know if would be possible, instead, to integrate dav in mc.

I don't understand why you consider MC as an alternative to the
prospective Gtk+ client, and in the same time, SkunkDAV
( and other existing projects "do not 
count" and you want another client.

If Gtk+ interface is what you need, then you probably mean to add support
to GMC - the GNOME fronted to Midnight Commander.  If that's true, I must
disappoint you - all GNOME code has been removed from the Midnight
Commander due to lack of interest from users and developers.  You can
contribute code to GNOME VFS and Nautilus - the new file manager for

I would like to know how technically it would be possible.

I'm not an expert in WebDAV, but I think that it's possible using VFS
(virtual filesystem capability) of the Midnight Commander.  Essential is
the ability to retrieve the file list, because MC is essentially a program
for manipulating file lists.

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