Re: small thing


the old mc was in /usr/bin; the new one is, too.

Well, if so, then you have root permissions and can remove or replace

now the -P parameter wants a file name instead where to write the path 
to; as my old slack script doesn't know this, it fails.

I think that's the correct behavior.  The old scripts are broken by 
design and should be removed.

my fault, of course, for not studying the docs when using the cvs 
version. ;-)

I think that your real fault is not removing the old mc by the package
manager.  Perhaps you also have two sets of data files - one in
/usr/lib/mc and the other in /usr/share/mc

Use appropriate means to remove packages, especially when installing
security updates.  Sometimes a security update is just a removal of some
file - then you would be mislead into thinking that you are secure.

of course, yes: i just didn't think it could interest anybody...

Some person having the same problem could go to Google and search for 
answers.  This discussion is archived and could be the answer.

Also we have a guy who volontered to rewrite the FAQ.  If he reads this
discussion, he can add the question about -P to the new FAQ.

Pavel Roskin

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