Re: Syntax highlighting on Cygwin


That's quite bad.  It can disable "mc -a" if mc is compiled
with ncurses.

mc -a works.

Good to know.

What's the version of ncurses?

I don't know. Cygwin uses a modified version. I'm using the
latest, 5.2-8.

I have just installed Cygwin in Wine (as funny as it sounds) and found
this in curses.h:

#define  acs_map  acs_mapf() 
extern  const chtype * acs_mapf(void);
extern  chtype acs_map[];

This code is not present in the unpatched ncurses sources.  The problem is
specific to Cygwin, and I'm not going to fix it, considering that the
worst consequence is a warning.

BTW, I think some people complained about ^M when you edit DOS
files. I think I like it.

Actually, some people were complaining about not having ^M.

Pavel Roskin

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