Re: ftpfs username with @


I want to open a FTP FS session in mc. Normally I added to my hotlist:

/#ftp:user domain

But now I have the problem, that the username has a @ in it. How can I
escape the @, so that it gets connected to the username and not as the
beginning of the domain?

Maybe you should use the proxy feature?  Set the FTP server (which you
actually connect to) as proxy in the Options->Virtual FS menu.  Then use
the "!" sign before the name of the domain, and it will be accessed 
through the proxy.  This is documented in the manual.

There is no way to escape the @.  Some people sent patches to change the 
way how VFS filenames are parsed, but neither of those patches was of an 
acceptable quality, if I remember correctly.

Pavel Roskin

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