Re: more questions

On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, bulia byak wrote:

1. Can I use keytrokes such as ctrl-insert, shift-f7 etc? In the source
I found no way to define these - are they available? E.g. ALT(KEY_F(1))
does not work.

This functionality is quite limited.  You can use "Learn Keys" dialog
under "Options" menu to assign keystrokes.  The problem is, you can
rededine only some keys, namely those corresponding to "problematic" keys,
i.e. you can make Ctrl-Insert work as F17, but you cannot redefine e.g.
Ctrl-r used to reread the panels to be Ctrl-Insert.

2. What do the keys like KEY_F(11) etc. correspond to? Is it Shift-F1?
They do not seem to work for me.

They don't work on many terminals by default.  You have to use "Learn
Keys".  Things are improving in the development version, as more keys are
supported by default.  You could give more information (OS, value of TERM
environment variable, name of the terminal and whatever mc wrote to
~/.mc/ini after learning the keys) so that your terminal would be
supported by default.

Pavel Roskin

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