Re: How to use mouse with mc in console

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Hi Peter, greetings from Göteborg,

 If you have reasons to believe it's a mouse/device/gpm-problem then
there are perhaps better places to ask. I'm afraid I don't have any
list-suggestions though.

 A couple of thoughs: BTW, I assume you mean the *Linux* console.

 [0. Why use a mouse? :) And from the console at that??]

 1. Are you running X at the same time? I think you are on the machine
where it's working. (As /dev/gpmdata is the repeater pipe.)

 2. It's not likely to be a mc problem. More likely a library problem
since you've asserted that the mouse 'works' [the cursor moves and you
can paste]. Have you tried any other console-apps like lynx, w3m, links?

//Björnen. bjorn bjornen nu |

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