Re: Midnight Commander 4.5.55: How to install in the Cobalt Qube -


I've try to install the Midnight Command 4.5.55
( to my Qube 3 ( I've got
some error messages as show below.

What operating system are you using?  What does "uname -a" print?
Could you try "bash ./configure" instead? What's the version of bash?

[root Midnight Commander for Linux]# ls

Did you create a directory with spaces?  This alone can be a problem.  I 
tried and could reproduce a problem, although it looks differently.

Also, it's not recommended to configure and compile MC as root.  Normally 
you only need to get root permissions to run "make install".

[root src]# sh ../configure

This is not a good idea.  Either run configure in the directory where it 
resides or in an empty directory.  src is not empty.

Sorry, the build tools are not foolproof yet and don't warn you about even 
such common errors.  Perhaps they never will.

Pavel Roskin

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