Re: Mouse interface for text mc via console telnet

On 5 Sep 2001, at 9:25, Ferdi Louw <ferdi gpvno co za> wrote:
> On 4 Sep 2001, at 17:19, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> > You could search for documents about xterm mouse reporting,
> > but I just want to suggest you one. Get rxvt-2.6.3 from
> > and look for "mouse"
> > in doc/rxvtRef.txt

I did, and it seems to be very easy.

> > > How can I send the mouse clicks to the linux box? My emulator allows
> > > me to add scripted functions. Currently I translate mouse clicks into
> > > certain keystrokes depending on position and content on the screen.
> >
> > At least implement xterm mouse reporting without the ability to disable
> > it. Even that will be safer.
> Yes - I guess that is the direction I should be looking at.
> My idea was that I send an escape sequence from the terminal to mc
> giving the type of mouse-click and the position. Something like:
> "M-mouse 1 down;03;56". It would then work from many different
> terminals, provided they can translate their mouse-clicks to the required
> string.

My idea is almost exactly what xterm does.
rxvtRef.txt says the sequence "Esc [ M <b> <x> <y>" report mouse position.
Did I understand you correctly that mc would ignore this sequence if it does not come from a proper xterm?

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